About masculinity…

man young happy smiling
Photo by Stefan Stefancik on Pexels.com (not my son)

We seem to be heading towards a feminine society, some spiritualists claim. I am looking forwards to it and am building on it myself, stone by stone. But what happens in the meantime with masculinity?

“About masculinity….”, I said to my 23-years old son.

“We were not talking about masculinity”, he replied alertly.

I smiled and continued.

“You know, you just have to be proud about your masculinity. A lot of men completely ignore their masculinity or stand defendly towards it. But you just have to be proud of it. If you then later get a relationship with a woman, she can stand strong in her femininity, and you will get something beautiful together. And if you get a relationship with a man, you will share something beautiful and powerful.

He looks at me, while he throws his bagpack over his shoulders and says:

“Gender is a spectrum”.

“Wow”, I am saying enthousiastically, “an A-plus and a kiss from your mother”.

“You can leave the latter behind”, he says.

23-years old, a boy, a young man, and he allready realizes that gender is not a binary opposition, man – woman, but that is a spectrum, a gradual line.

He will get there, that’s for sure.


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