MRNA injections attack womanhood

If something is under attack and it is important to you, you have to defend it, as Winston Churchill and Hannah Arendt agreed. Since the blog is called the positive feminist philosopher, I have long delayed writing about it, but now I can no longer be silent. So here I go, even if it may not be very positive in tone. Yet it serves a positive cause. 

What is under attack at the moment is being a woman in a very crucial way, namely women’s capacity to give birth to natural girls and boys. It is under attack from a very high level and in a structural way. So, it is time to speak out and defend ourselves, because womanhood in this sense is at stake.

Currently, in the whole world people are being persuaded or coerced to take so-called MRNA vaccines against Covid-19. They only have an emergence permission as experiments.  They are partly based on material from unborn babies. Furthermore, and what concerns me here most, they are a kind of genetic manipulation. The MRNA implanted in people changes the way our bodies and our immune systems respond in a structural way. They could cause immune cells to attack placenta cells causing female infertility, miscarriage or birth defects.

They also seem to make us less human, ‘transhuman’, on the way of putting a piece of technology into our bodies. Big Pharma is here playing God.  They are reprogramming humans. The MRNA ‘vaccines’ have not been fully and sufficiently tested on animals and people, their long-term effects are not clear and yet they are prescribed and mandatory to pregnant women.

Think about this for a moment. What is going on here? Why are they messing with women’s capacity to give birth in general to wonderful, healthy children? I realize that the former paragraph sounds like the writing of a conservative woman against any medical technology in child-birth. That is not me. I am for women’s right to choose abortion. I am for technological innovation in childbirth if a woman cannot have a healthy child in the natural way. I am even for normal vaccines. 

However, what is taking place now is a coercion to all people in terms of genetical manipulation, even eugenics, without our informed consent. The heads of the pharmaceutical industries behind this realize that they cannot be sure of long-term effects, but contracts already exclude future blame of responsibility on these pharmaceutical companies or on governments.

Why on earth would we agree to this? We have been giving birth in a natural way for millions of years without genetic therapy interfering with our future babies. Are these men in high places jealous of this capacity and are they now trying to interfere and take over? What was wrong with the children we bore, so that there would now some MRNA implanted in us, so that are genetic material should respond in a different way? 

Do you want to let these men in high places decide about your fertility or the fertility of your daughters and sons? Of course not. So, stop taking these MRNA-based injections and certainly don’t let your children take them. Or the boosters, because they are even less tested or not tested at all. Protect womanhood. Protect our natural capacity to give birth to perfectly healthy children and do not let these men from high places mess with it. 

You do not have to believe me. Inform yourself with the material on it on internet and the social media. Here is a start but dig further and think critically for yourself.


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