Your body is YOUR body

Recently I read that Emperor Joseph II of the Austrian empire abolished serfdom `by royal decision' in 1781. Serfdom; I thought, what is that exactly? In Dutch it is called lijfeigenschap,in German Leibeigenschaft,in Spanish servidumbre and in French bondage servage. It means according to Wikipedia: `the situation that someone's body is considered as the property... Continue Reading →

Attributed Meanings of Masculinity and Femininity

I see gender more as a combination of two aspects: masculinity and femininity. I might have a particular percentage of masculinity and a particular percentage of femininity within me, even though I am  biologically spoken a woman and thus female.Back to the basics I: SexBack to the basics II: Gender  Still, here in my blogs I will use particular... Continue Reading →

Back to the basics II: Gender

  While sex is your biological make-up (female, intersex, male), gender refers to the social meanings and consequences of that  in a particular society and time. Gender is somewhat fluid, changeable and different in various societies and times. So, in some African countries women are expected to carry ceramic vases with water for miles. By contrast, in many... Continue Reading →

About masculinity…

We seem to be heading towards a feminine society, some spiritualists claim. I am looking forwards to it and am building on it myself, stone by stone. But what happens in the meantime with masculinity? "About masculinity....", I said to my 23-years old son. "We were not talking about masculinity", he replied alertly. I smiled... Continue Reading →

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