Rianne Voet

My name is Rianne Voet and I am a feminist, a philosopher, a writer and a dancer.

I have spent the first 15 years of my feminism in the big fight against ‘patriarchy’. Yet I have become awfully tired of it. Not there is nothing left to complain about. On the contrary, after more than two millenia of male rule in politics, military, religion, industry, education and health care, the world is by far not yet organized in the interests of women. But it took so much energy out of me and I did not become a very friendly person for my nearest and dearest.

So, I realized what was needed was a positive feminism. Positive in tune. Positive, because it is not directed towards what is bad in the world, but to what is needed. Positive, because if offers deadly-needed inspiration for other feminists as fuel to keep going. Positive, because it contains humor. And finally positive, because it hopes to touch something in you, in your dealings with the world around you and which you can positively change by doing things a little differently or feeling a little differently.

You will find blogs about events in my life, about other feminists (female and male), about philosophers writing about women’s affairs, about dancing, books and more. So let’s go!



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